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I hope this makes sense to everyone. We had a late night since we couldn't get into our neighborhood until after 11. There was a suspect loose with a gun and it was in lockdown. They did catch him and we are all fine today...just sleepy.

My favorite part of Sunday nights are turning out to be Pastor Jim's sermons on parenting. I took a ton of notes. He spoke on planning for your children and each child being different and needing unique plans. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I know a lot of parents do this naturally without a plan but I was happy to have it presented to me. Here are a list of questions to ask:

1. What is the goal for each child?
2. What skills and abilities should they possess when they enter school, middle school, high school?
3. How do you want your children to relate to authority, peers, and opposite sex?

And here was the list presented to us on some ideas that would answer the previous questions.

1. commited - to finish what they start
2. content
3. courageous
4. humble - cannot be taught, must be shown
5. respect for authority
6. gratitude
7. excellence
8. work ethic
9. kind
10. generous
11. positive attitude
12. purity
13. Godly - that the world would see the love of God through them
14. joy - not happiness but the true joy that comes only from the Lord - John 10:10

A couple other quick notes I took:

*Let your children see you reading your Bible daily.
*Let your children hear you praying for them (whether at meals, bedtime, or throughout the day.) They need to hear that you care and God cares.

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