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We had an excellent weekend just being a family. Every Friday night is our family night. We were going to go to the Drive In Theatre to watch the Chipmunk movie but it didn't start until 9:30! Instead we went and ate at our favorite pizza place - Pizza Hut! I know, we are so boring! Then we went and got drumsticks from the store to eat at home. While the kids were eating drumsticks, they were also watching daddy play scrabble. I had to seize the moment and take a picture for the unexpected light lesson this week.

We spent the morning Saturday getting the kids' cars ready for the AWANA Grand Prix next weekend and the rest of the day relaxing. (I did have a 1 year session that was so fun I hate to call it work!)

Sunday, we enjoyed an excellent Sunday School lesson and sermon. We are really blessed to be members of an unashamed Bible believing church - First Baptist Church of Maricopa.

As with the rest of the world, we watched the Super Bowl in the afternoon. Several of our friends from church came over and we ate too much and laughed a lot! I even won the guessing game by choosing the Saints over the Colts 28-21!

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