{gingerbread 2009}

I am now taking a break from editing to catch you up on our family life. Here are my 10 on Thursday:

1. We are in a little break from school. Even though I work it in where I can, there is no formal lesson plans for the rest of December. (yay!)

2. I ended up doing 13 sessions over the weekend and I survived! SO MUCH FUN! Every family is so different and just a pleasure to hang out with and make memories!

3. Saturday night I went to an ornament exchange at my friend Nancy's home. It was fun to be with the girls and to get a night out after working all day. I got 3 cute little frame ornaments (sorry Noelle...teehee!).

4. Pastor Jim has been preaching some great sermons lately. If you are looking for a church in Maricopa, don't hesitate to check out the First Baptist Church of Maricopa. The AWANA program rocks and they have excellent Sunday School and Children's Church among a lot of other programs...

5. Speaking of... Scott and I are singing the choir on this Sunday evening. Everyone is invited! It is going to be an excellent night of worship that focuses on THE TRUE REASON OF THE SEASON. The soloists are excellent and the music is beautiful! We start at 6PM.

6. {ABOVE} This year for our annual gingerbread house we made 5 mini houses. Only 3 are pictured because Scott hasn't finished his yet and his was with T's. I added the top right one because Si-Guy(4) and I were working together and he made a little pathway with gumdrops to my house! It was so cute how he told me so we can visit each other all the time!

7. I almost swallowed a fly that was in my hot chocolate right now. I spewed it across the room. THAT was pretty nasty! :P

8. Etsy is the most dangerous place for me to go right now. I have two things I want to try now when I get everyones' sessions done. Oh, the motivation is there!

9. On Sunday night, I got in front of the camera - pics to come soon!!! A photographer came from Gilbert and we did a family photo swap. It worked out so well!!!

10. I (personally) am SOOOO not ready for Christmas. We have a big gift for each of the boys and I've gotten some little things for Scott but this is going to be last minute shopping this year. Nothing like a little CRUNCH TIME!

Mommy  – (December 11, 2009 at 9:57 PM)  

I love reading this post because I left facebook and don't have a clue what's going on in your world. Love the gingerbread houses...so cute!

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