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I learned some news this morning. Some of you may not know that I was a Mary Kay consultant for several years while we lived in Kansas City. I joined Mary Kay because of the positive atmosphere, wealth of knowledge, and to hang out with amazing Christian woman like the woman I am going to write about - Eileen Huffman.

We met when our tummies were as big as basketballs - her pregnant with her 3rd and me with my 1st. We both ended up having our sons on the same day - September 28, 2002! I used to call her Mary Kay 'hotline' for daily inspiration and updates. It was always so good to hear an enthusiastic voice. Even when I was having a bad moment and didn't want to bother anyone, I could call and not even listen but felt that things were alright and get a little chuckle.

My life quickly changed with a move to Phoenix in 2006 and I didn't sell Mary Kay anymore and lost contact with all my Mary Kay friends. Last week, I decided to look for some of them on facebook. This morning I got the e-mail saying that my recruitor (and also dear friend - Janine) accepted me as a friend. It is so good to reconnect! She wrote a note that told me that Eileen had passed on. Obviously I was shocked. I quickly did some searching and found Eileen's journal about her fight with cancer and have been reading it all morning. What an impactful life this lady led!!! Her legacy will continue. I highlighted some of my favorite quotes from her journal. These are more for me than for you but feel free to be blessed. Her journal is here. I will put them in PINK because everything in Mary Kay must be PINK!

My prayer is that through my story, somehow, someway, you will be inspired to EMBRACE each moment of LIFE and LIVE the LIFE God has destined for YOU!! Have a blessed DAY, I am planning too!!

So I begin this FALL, crisp sunny day with yet another opportunity to take my kids to school, listen to the two younger ones fight, the dog whining to be walked, dirty laundry, dishes in the sink and of course, bills to be paid and I couldn't SCREAM loud enough to tell you the JOY I feel in ALL of that! Isn't NORMAL just awesome?

Each morning I awake I praise GOD for His healing power and knowing His love will be the SAME yesterday, today and TOMORROW. I find much security in THAT alone! There are those moments when I still cannot belief this is my life journey and the load seems heavy but that's when I realize I've taken my eyes off my Heavenly Father.

I have this feeling that everything about today will be sweeter...t​he air will feel crisper, the sky will be bluer, the sun will shine brighter, the kiddos will be cuter, the friendships will be richer and Christ will be nearer. It is one of the gifts a journey like this gives you. AS I read your journal entries back to me I will pray for each of you that you too will feel the Lord's presence in your life.

I TRULLLLYYYY believe that God expects our OBEDIENCE first and then shows us the next step.

May you and your loved ones CHOOSE an attitude of gratitude E​VEN if the day is not packaged the way you wanted it to be.

Today was the last day of school for the kiddos and I've decided that this summer will be FABULOUS....​why? Because I, along with my kids will learn even MORE how to rely on God's grace, God's love, God's patience and one another to continue to grow together as a family. Is there anything better?

Thank you, Eileen, for you enthusiasm and example!

Cara  – (December 10, 2009 at 5:16 AM)  

Thanks for the reminder of finding Joy and contentment in all we do. Thanks for sharing with us Eileen's story. She sounded like a fabulous lady! You have a blessed day too Paula! ~ Cara

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