{Ten on Thursday}

Lots of random stuff happening here so I decided to do a random 10. I used to do these on Monday but today seemed appropriate enough and I will probably be too busy to do much personal blogging for the next month or so but you may be surprised!

1. I went on a date Tuesday with my husband! We went to see Building 429 and Todd Agnew. I am stealing this picture from my friend since I didn't take my camera. (yeah, i know, bad photographer!) I also have a silly sweater on. It was the only one in the van and I knew I would get cold. Thanks for the invite, N! It was a lot of fun!

2. Also check her blog for the pictures I took at her daughter's amazing zebra party! She has already been asked to be featured on quite a few party blogs. http://togetherisourfavoriteplacetobe.blogspot.com/

3. I spent the whole morning in my pjs crafting! I got inspired this morning by http://alittlehut.blogspot.com/ and made these bookmarks. Want one? Let me know which one is your favorite!

4.. I also got some cds wrapped for customers. I am loving red ric-rac!

5. Simon asked me this morning if today is the day we are going to Colorado. They are so excited to see family! I can't say I am much different.

6. While I was crafting, the kids were playing Star Wars Risk. They make up their own rules. At one point, T said, "My so tired," and left it to the boys. I love how she exchanges my for I right now.

6. We saw the first Christmas decorations in our neighborhood last night. Really? Yes!

7. I took some coupons with me to the store last night. Nothing too complicated - I just printed out stuff that would be free or cheap. I found two really good blogs yesterday...



8. I am trying out a new organizing/cleaning program. I just need to go print it out! I am excited that she includes the Bible reading for the day!


9. Scott is doing excellent in school. Some of you may not know that he is going for his Bachelor's in Software Engineering. I am so proud of him. He is working so hard.

10. I think my madness starts tomorrow with a newborn session and then on Saturday I am totally booked with 6 orchard sessions! Thank you so much to my amazing customers! YOU ROCK!!!

*I have two orchard session openings for Saturday the 21st @ 8:30AM & 4PM!*

Mommy  – (November 17, 2009 at 1:47 PM)  

It was such a fun concert. Thanks for coming with us :) I loved reading your 10 on Thursday....super cool!

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