I love the phrase BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED since blooming involves growing, being nurtured, and sharing with others. I am a huge goal-maker and list-follower. Today is my birthday. I love birthdays and take it like a checkpoint and new beginning. I was excited to find a link to a neat concept called Create Your Best Life. I started this morning and am excited about the next three months!

Here is a great checklist I stole and revised from Julie Valentine, the creator of Create Your Best Life. I added spending daily time with God in prayer and the Bible. When things seem to get bad, that's when I realize that I am not doing the most important thing. Funny how that happens...
Thank you all for being a part of my life. I am blessed in so many, many ways! This is a good birthday!
- - - - - - - - MONTHLY LIFE BALANCE CHECKLIST - - - - - - - -

Am I Nurturing My Relationships?

[_] Am I spending daily time in prayer and reading God's word?
[_] Is there anyone that I owe a phone call, letter, email, etc. who I need to be in communication with?
[_]Do I have any broken promises I need to apologize for or complete?
[_] Have I gossiped about anyone?
[_] Is there anyone I need to acknowledge or thank?
[_] Am I nurturing or creating romantic relationships?
[_] Am I nurturing family relationships?
[_] Am I supporting the endeavors of others? attending receptions, graduation, openings?
[_] Am I remembering life events by sending cards or calling for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays?

Am I Expressing My Creativity and Sense of Play?
[_] Have I scheduled a vacation?
[_] Have I created something original from my heart?
[_] Have I scheduled a local adventure to discover a new place, restaurant, museum, etc.
[_] Have I set aside time to dream and vision my future? (Keep a journal, etc.)
[_] Have I spent time in silence?

Am I Honoring My Body?
[_] Have I scheduled a physical with a doctor and/or OBGYN?
[_] Have I moved my body through physical activity?
[_] Do I have sufficient health insurance?
[_] Are my hair and nails in good condition?
[_] Am I getting sufficient sleep?
[_] Are there any differences in the look and texture of my body that I need to deal with?
[_] Have I scheduled an appointment at the dentist office?
[_] Am I drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day and completing my meals by 7pm?
[_] Have I scheduled an appointment with an eye doctor?
[_] Am I putting an effort into my appearance?

Am I Managing My Home?
[_] Is my check book balanced?
[_] Is my house clear of clutter?
[_] Which areas need attention?
[_] Are my taxes paid?
[_] Are my bills paid or scheduled to be paid?
[_] Do I have a long term financial plan in motion ?
[_] Do I have a sufficient savings and a savings plan?
[_] Do I tithe and donate to charity?
[_] Do I have sufficient home insurance?
[_] Are my home appliances in working order?
[_] Are my plants watered?

How's Work? Am I Sharing My Gifts and Talents with the World?
[_] Is my work place clean?
[_] Are there any communications I need to make with my contractors, vendors, customers?
[_] Am I showing up for work on time?
[_] Is my performance at work up to par?
[_] Am I holding people to account for our agreements?
[_] Are my bills and/or business expenses paid?
[_] Are my business taxes complete?
[_] Are my business license current and complete?
[_] Are my business systems helping me progress with efficiency?
[_] Are sales meeting or exceeding targets?
[_] Is my business supporting me and enhancing my life?
[_] Am I happy with my salary?
[_] Do I have gathered an extraordinary team of employees or contractors to assist in production?
[_] Have I created a marketing strategy to keep my products alive in my customers minds?

Mommy  – (September 21, 2009 at 11:54 PM)  

WOW Paula!! This list is awesome!! I need to work on so many of those things! Thanks for sharing :) Hope you had a fabulous b-day! Big hugs!

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