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I've been working the business really hard since Christmas and I just keep thinking, "This is going to slow down, this is going to slow down." I guess this is the new reality and guess what?...I don't mind it! I am always thankful to my customers and friends for keeping me busy. :) Every once in a while it is good to take a breath and regroup. So...this week I didn't schedule any sessions and am catching up with everything. If you would like a session I am now scheduling into June. :) I have even had 2 customers schedule Christmas sessions - YOU GUYS ROCK! - You know how it was last year - CRAZY!

We are under "re-construction" so things might seem a little jumbled for a little bit. I have a hard time sticking to one theme but after a couple years into the business, I feel I am developing my own brand and becoming comfortable in who I am as a photographer. That probably doesn't make since unless you are a photographer but hang in there with me. ;)

If you are new to my blog/business, I want to introduce myself.

I am Paula Stiller. I was born in Montana (I know random, right?) I am married to my wonderful husband and celebrated 7 years on January 1. I have 3 kids (6,4, and 2) who were all born on the 28th - of different months. We homeschool. We try to keep things simple, although that's a daily struggle being a wife, mom, teacher, photographer, etc. I love being around people in a one on one atmosphere. I like to get to know the real you and capture that on camera.

I do maternity, newborn, children, seniors, family, couples, parties, and small weddings. I like to keep my days interesting and I love a new challenge. I like to find new places to take my customers for sessions. I probably have an idea or two if you just ask.

Here are some pictures from a session a couple weeks ago. This is Miss Z. She is super energetic senior 2009 and was a blast to work with. We happened to schedule her session on the day of a huge windstorm. We made it work and had fun with it. Good luck in your future! I have a feeling you are going to be great in whatever you do!




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