~maricopa in march!~

This is the time of year when everyone says, "This is why we live here!" It is gorgeous out! Everyone needs to remember that March is such a great month to get pictures taken! It's perfect weather, green, and flowers everyhere!

This is my first time blogging from my new laptop! It's orange! This is when it's nice to have a techy husband help you out with getting a new computer. He would ask how many megabytes I wanted and I would look at him wondering what a megabyte is! Way over my head! He hooked me up and I am grateful!

It was a busy weekend for the Stillers. I had two great family sessions, a family festival, church, and a birthday party. The kids fell right asleep tonight with no troubles. (The boys are getting to the age they love to "chat" before going to sleep and T likes to "go potty" several times before she is ready to go to sleep.)
This week is not going to slow us down at all. I have an engagement session tomorrow and I am taking pictures for the high school band's Sadie Hawkins dance Friday night! (I asked Scott and he said he'd go with me! I get so excited about these things!)

...and here's a sneak peek from Miss T's session yesterday! Is she not the cutest?

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