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I'm going to be featuring mommies here every once in a while. I had this idea a long time ago and even sent out some questionnaires but now that I saw these questions on Whitebox Wedding's blog, I thought mine were kind of boring. I want to add a picture but am too tired to search for one tonight. So, here I go...

PS Mommy : Paula - Maricopa, AZ

occupation: Full-time SAHM, Part-time Photographer

family: married with 3 children (6,4, and 2)(boy, boy, girl)

most fun thing about being a mom: sweet little things the kids say and do

hardest thing about being a mom: being consistent

the last time my kids made me laugh: we were playing wii miniature golf before bed. that was pretty entertaining!

most embarrassing mommy moment: probably when my oldest was a baby. he had a loud blow-out during a prayer one of the first times we took him to church.

favorite place to take my kids: the orchard, hiking, visiting family

i hope my kids inherit my: love for God and desire to serve Him.

favorite kid/parenting websites: www.marthastewart.com, www.pbskids.org, www.familyfun.com

the last book i read to my kids: i think it was Big Red Barn.

at bedtime, I say to my kids: I give them hugs and kisses and remind them of their names given to them by my mom. J- Man of Honor, S- Joy to the World, T- Shining Treasure. Sweet Dreams and I love you!

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