~monday, january 5~

I have recently signed up for facebook and am amazed how often people can update their status. Now I go through my day thinking about what I could say on my status. Most of it is pretty mundane but sometimes I think some funny thoughts and I chuckle to myself. Since I can't be at my computer all day everyday, I jotted some down from the weekend.

Paula thinks:

-it's funny that I need more thyme.
-an unmade bed is so inviting.
-Dad's jean quilts are the best!
-Elmo is hard to draw without a picture to copy. (try it...it's hard.)
-Scott is right when he said, "You should get an 'I just killed a big black nasty spider in the garage' award. (I was so proud. Something I read about the new year is to do something small you fear everyday.)
-the football playoffs were fun to watch this weekend.
-my kids sing "Jesus Loves Me" like angels.

Alright, enough of my random thoughts and more photos. Scott and I took a couple days to celebrate our seven year anniversary in Sedona (with no kids!). Thanks to my in-laws for watching the kids and my parents who pretty much funded the trip even though they don't know it. We had a great time doing things you can't do with kids like shopping and hiking and just stopping to take pictures. We also drove up to Jerome and spent an hour before it got dark. It is such a neat historic town and I am thinking we will go back sometime soon. Here we are on the first night. This picture is funny because it's a total set-up. The hotel was supposed to have champagne and truffles for us but they only had champagne which we don't really drink anyway. :)


I was supposed to do three maternity sessions this weekend. My Sunday session e-mailed me on Saturday saying that her water broke and she was on her way to the hospital so... we'll probably be seeing a newborn this week! Surprise! (If you are expecting, please schedule at least a month in advance. This should prevent this hopefully. It didn't work this time.) Here are a couple of my favorites from the Saturday sessions.



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