It's late and I have an early session in the morning but I just wanted to say, "Yeehaw!" We had an amazing time in Sedona! I was just looking through the pictures and there are some that are my favorite EVER! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to the families who made the effort to go and meet me. It was so fun to get to spend more time with all of you! Scott and I decided we are definately going to do this again next year (probably in the fall) so if anybody else is interested, e-mail me (stillhere821@msn.com) and I'll get you on a list of who to contact when that time comes around.

I just wanted to add something that Scott said on the way home which I totally agree with. He said, "I just think it's so neat how you can be such good friends with your customers." I am really blessed to be able to have this business where I get to spend time with friends and make new friends. I should go to bed before I get too mushy or anything but I want all my customers to know that I truly appreciate your business. YOU ROCK!

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