~Sedona 2008 #1~

*update* Peter is doing well at home with full movement! Praises to God!

*another note* Several of you have asked how to give to Alexis, who was in one of my previous posts. If you would like to give to the Alexis Vega fund on 8523mine but live out of town or don't want to create an account, you are welcome to send some money to my Paypal (stillhere821@msn.com) and I will make sure it gets to her. They are presently trying to raise $500 by Christmas and almost there! Yay! They are also going on a Make a Wish trip early next year if you would like to donate in that way. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness!

Now back to regular programming. Did I tell you that we had a great time in Sedona!?! I think I mentioned that already. We already have a couple families on the list to go next year. It's going ot be a lot of fun!

We met this family at the Radisson Poco Diablo that we both stayed at. We got a smokin' deal from Priceline. It turned out that they let us use their golf course to get some fun pictures in the leaves (something that I have a hard time finding in Maricopa). Love this first one!





Then we headed over to a little shopping center downtown (if I could spell the name I would.) It was gorgeous! It just so happens that "mom's" dad had helped build one of the fountains...so cool!


After we were all done with that fun our families went out to eat at Oaxaca, a little Mexican food place. The food was good but the company made it better! Thanks R & S! I'm so glad we got to spend time together outside of taking pictures.

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