~last random monday of 2008~

*Our Christmas was fantastic. I think one of the highlights this year was delivering Angel Tree gifts. I had to laugh so hard at Scott because he was JUST LIKE Santa Claus as we drove around town....HOHOHO! We also got to deliver a meal to a family that needed it. What a pleasure that was!

*Another highlight was singing in the Christmas Cantata at church. I haven't sang in a choir since high school and Scott has never sung in a choir. It was fun to get to have that time together on Thursday nights. He is ready for the Easter Concert now! I think practice starts in a couple weeks!

* We enjoyed a quiet Christmas morning with the family. Jonah got his first Pirate Lego kit and now wants to save up to get all of them (like father like son.) Simon got a Speedracer truck and car and Trinity got a kitchen set that she loves to "cook" for us all. We were also surprised to recieve some gifts from the church including several new winter outfits and new winter coats for the kids. I'm not sure who gave them but we are so thankful!

*Several families from church came over for dinner on Christmas night. It was nice to have a delicious meal with such good company. One of the men brought his ATARI over so that and Yatzee were the hits of the night. Thank you all for coming!

* We headed up to Scott's parents house the next day and spent the night. We had fun playing games and eating and playing more games and eating and opening presents. Saturday afternoon, we had to take my sister-in-law to the ER once again as she hadn't slept for several nights still dealing with Bipolar Disorder and getting her meds right. Another chapter in my saga dealing with this disorder. We decided we are going to write a book about this last month... :) Please pray for her and the rest of the family. It is so complicated!

*My middle guy turned 4 on Sunday. We celebrated Saturday evening at Nana and Papas but went to McDonalds (his favorite) for lunch after church. He asks for a hamburger and fries all the time. When I woke up Sunday morning, his little sister had hit him with her purse. He looked at me and said, "She needs a spankin'. Mom, can you get me the spanker?" I told him that he is not allowed to spank. He replied, "Mom, the Bible says that 4-year-olds are allowed to spank their sisters when they hit them with their purse." It might be an interesting year with him but I love him so much!

*I gave blood yesterday for the first time in a long time. What a great feeling that is! I got to use it as an excuse to relax the rest of the day also :)

*I have counted that I have done over 30 sessions (not including the wedding) in the last 6 weeks before Christmas! I wanted to thank you all SOOOO much. There is no way I could have blogged every session but I'm going to try to make it up to you all by doing another "1 A DAY" in January. Although it won't actually be "1 A DAY" since our 7th anniversary is on the 1st and we'll be taking a couple days off for that (I'll blog about that later...) I look back overwhelmed at what was accomplished and overjoyed that I survived...ha! I now must spend several weeks regrouping the house as it has been neglected for about a month now. Poor thing...

I will leave you with a picture of the beautiful bride from the December 20th wedding. The wedding was held at their home and was spectacular in so many ways! I can't wait to share some more.


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