~Grammies for Palin!~

Scott and I sent our ballots in early which is so nice! I just got this e-mail from my Mom and I think this is so neat that I had to share...Way to go, Mom!

I got to go to the Sarah Palin rally in Colorado Springs this afternoon! It was so great. I went with two other ladies from our church. We were thinking we'd be lucky if we got within 50 yards of her. We were carrying signs--"Grammies for Sarah" and "Grandma for Palin"--and we got our picture taken half a dozen times, including by the Denver Post. Then a lady asked us if we would like to volunteer to make phone calls for an hour or so and then get to be really close to Sarah. Of course we agreed! We made about 30 or 40 phone calls, just reminding people to vote, and then they escorted us to a special spot right next to the "runway" where Sarah walked in. It was a great rally--it did the heart good to see so much support for her. Then on her way out she stopped right by us and signed our poster! She and Todd come across as very nice people--she would fit in perfectly with my Bible study ladies. They were both wearing blue jeans and jackets--no sign of the $150,000 wardrobe. She is as pretty in person as she is on TV, and is an excellent speaker. It was such a fun time!

If you haven't voted yet, don't forget! Love you! Mom

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