Happy October! I didn't quite make it doing a post a day in September. That is hard! :P I am pretty much booked up for the holidays...a couple dates left here and there. October promises to be as busy as September but I'd probably be bored if I weren't doing something all the time.

I wanted to share one of the kids' books today. It is a little book called A Pocket Full of Proverbs. I was blessed reading it and it really is good for kids as well as adults. Enjoy!

4:7 - It is better to be wise than to be strong.
23:12 - Listen carefully to those who teach you.
6:6 - Don't be lazy. Work hard like ants.
12:10 - Take good care of your animals.
25:27 - It's not good to eat too many sweets.
17:1 - It is better to have a little and be happy than to have a lot and fight.
29:11 - Don't lose your temper.
4:24 - Lies and mean words hurt but kind words are good and sweet.
3:27 - Be kind to others who need help.
16:1 - You can make plans but only God can make them come true.

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