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I had every good intention of blogging last night but couldn't turn down my husband when he invited me to watch the season 3 finale of Pretender (what will happen to Jarod now?). I had everything done in photoshop ready to blog in the morning. Unfortunately my computer rebooted last night and I lost it all. (lesson learned: always save!)

This is sweet Princess N once again, only this time with a little grunge texture. I'm learning a little every day :)

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Time for school... :)

P.S. I just wanted to ask for a prayer request. This may seem silly but I have some big changes coming for my business next year and just want to make sure it is God-breathed and not Paula-breathed. I know God hears, understands, and knows the desires of our heart. If you don't know, it's pretty stressful owning a business, especially if your the President, Manager, Accountant, etc. Praise the Lord for my encouraging family, friends, and customers. I love you guys!

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