It's late so I have to go to bed soon but I just wanted to share. It's been a sad day for me. I've tried not to think about it too much but it keeps coming up. Today was a 4-year-old boy's funeral. His name was Simon. I have never met him but I have met his mom. I believe she is the sweetest lady I have ever met. Her name is Ruth but I call her Ruthy. I haven't talked to her for a long time but she is still my friend and I am honored to say one of my biggest role models in my life.

I just wanted to post this so that if you read this you can pray for Ruth and her family and while you're at it hug your babies. I know she would want us to.

Here is Ruth with Simon. I borrowed this picture from kake.com. The story is also there.

Steve & Nancy  – (July 8, 2008 at 1:20 PM)  

oh no....how sad :( I can't believe this! That's so awful. I will pray for their family. God bless, Nancy

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