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~No, Simon is not drowning in the picture above...he's swimming!!! We went to a bbq fundraiser for Zach on Saturday night and they must have swam across this little pool 1000 times. Now if we can get Jonah to not be afraid of deeper water we'll be doing really good!

~The fundraiser was put on by the 8523mine community. It was great to meet everyone and put a face with a "screen-name"! Thanks Amy, for being such a great hostess. I took a picture of Trinity drinking her smoothie but she didn't have anything on but a diaper and I swore I wouldn't put any pictures like that up of her. Next time I'll bring some after-swimming clothes for her.

~We went through some sickness last week. I just wanted to share this new website I found. I think I've mentioned it before here about how anti-antibiotic I am after Jonah's bout with pneumonia, but I do not like antibiotics. Home Remedies

Trinity had a little temperature and I thought she was getting something again so I mixed up a little honey/apple cidar vinegar/water and she was better within hours! Gotta love that!

~On my wishlist -H2O Mop - gotta love those late night tv ads!

Steve & Nancy  – (July 14, 2008 at 11:18 PM)  

oh...never heard of this mop before...sounds like a good one! It's on my wish list now :)
Thanks for sharing the home remedies website...I love things like that!

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