I am blessed with four of the best sisters in the world! I definately would not get through most weeks (more like days, sometimes hours) without talking to at least one of them. (as the phone rings and one of them is on the other end...ok. i'm back. we just talked for an hour...where did that time go?)
Tonight I wanted to blog about my sister Becky and her husband Collin. They are recipients of a new Habitat for Humanity home in Colorado. I just saw these pictures for the first time tonight and I teared up thinking of how much they deserve this home. Collin works extremely hard as a Recreation Director at a large chuch and Becky stays home with her four kids and homeschools. I really wish I was there to help and take pictures :) Love you guys! Congratulations! Their link is here.
Go Collin!
*I cannot take responsiblity for these great pictures. Thank you to whoever took these!

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