I'm takin' a break from editing for a sec to post this storyboard. I am just learning all the ins and outs of photoshop but am having a ton of fun! Gotta love teen boys! He was saying, "Mom, don't make me...smile!"

~We went to the Leaf and Feather Farm just south of Maricopa this morning. With gas prices, we're trying to find some neat stuff to do around town. It was pretty cool! Right when we got there a white peacock jumped off the roof right in front of us! It was so strange looking. We all loved the parrots, especially the one that sang "Jesus Loves Me" with vibratto! How cool was that! Jonah sang with him. The men who own the place are so nice. You can tell they love what they are doing! Sometime this summer we're going to go back and get some plants. They have a huge variety, including the citrus trees (which we want someday.) I would have pics but my camera batteries died after using it last evening with the Mocha Moms.

Better get back to work! There are going to be some super happy daddies on Father's Day from the mini-sessions that I have been doing. I can't post some of these yet because I know some of the dads check my blog (yeah, I know who you are...)

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