~random monday 4~

~Scott and I had a date night in on Saturday night. We stayed up real late playing Wii Pingpong and then watched a movie. We love pingpong and used to play a lot in college while we were dating. We felt so young again :)

~These are just some random images that I have saved lately that I like. I'll try to give the link but I don't know for some of them. I need to be better about saving the link to the pictures.

I stole this picture from Danielle Thompson's blog. This is her family collage done by Claudine of http://www.collageartist.com/. So fun! I want to make the sitting people and saw how to the other day on Martha Stewart. I got the templates and directions from Martha's website.

Another project I got from watching Martha Stewart. These are sock and glove dolls. I want to make a bunny for Trinity. She calls them HOP HOP HOPs right now. The directions are on the Martha Stewart website. They look super easy and are so cute!

I'm not sure where I got this image. I think from Etsy. I think Trinity would *love* something like this. She is always trying to wear my aprons and how much fun would it be to stick her glove bunny in the front pocket :)

I just thought this was cute from Craft Pudding on Etsy. It reminds me of me for some reason.

Everyone knows I love this artist! She just opened her new website! It's so cute! www.belleandboo.com

And lastly, I saw this picture on one of my favorite "escape" blogs called Absolutely Beautiful Things. How great a pool like that would be in our backyard right now!

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