~random monday 3~


~I'm about to let the floodwaters loose! That is...I'm about to show you some pictures from the Father's Day Sessions!!!

~I spent a fun evening getting pampered on Saturday with the MOPS group! Thanks, ladies! I'm still recovering from the late night!

~Hey Rob ---MY HUSBAND IS THE #1 DADDY! I just had to say that because he asked me how the rankings worked. Now you know...

~We spent Father's Day in the City of the Sun with Scott's family. (I always switch things around, such as Sun City is the City of the Sun and Taco Bell is the Bell of the Taco...etc....I think it's from my friends in high school (holla, OHS 2000!). Jonah asked me if it was so hot because the sun lived there...) We had a delicious steak dinner and then swam it off in the pool all afternoon. What a gorgeous day to swim! 110 degrees in the shade...ahhh!

~Tonight was the last night of my photography class with the city. I'm gonna miss seeing those kids. They really have some talent and so much energy! I love it because I know they were so excited about learning more and asked me if I knew "everything" about photography. Thank you, parents, for encouraging your kids in this way. I'll be doing another one in the Fall and one for the adults since so many of you have asked.

~We're continuing our "Pretender" series and Scott is yelling at me to come so we can get started so I better go...oh, the suspense...

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