~random monday 2~

250 hits in One Week!!! Thank you for all stopping by! I am so shocked and honored!

~To my customers: you should be getting an E-vite very soon! My friend N is getting the party all organized for me. If you do not recieve one within the week, please let me know and I'll send it to you again. Please respond and come! Super exciting stuff!

~I am teaching the Basic Photography class tonight! There are twelve 8-12 year olds! I am so excited. This is about the age my dad started me in 4-H Photography. It should be fun!

~Two newborns on the list still to come!

~I'm having a Pampered Chef Party 6:30 on Thursday if you want to come. My aunt sells and I need a new Pizza Stone! Carlotta (520)466-6441 www.pamperedchef.com

~We went to the splash pad 2x this weekend. Scott (and the kids) had so much fun! Scott even packed a picnic last night while I was working so that we could go again.

~a new favorite spot! (Thanks, L! I'll get some pics up soon!) I love it when customers have new ideas or new spots to introduce me to!


~Jonah told me he has a like a hundred stuff to do so I better let him get his "work" done. He just said, "I think you're done, Mom. Bring your list over to me and I will line it." (put a line through it)

I've "lined" a lot of things this weekend.

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