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After the maternity and newborn sessions, these sweet friends asked if I had a plan after that. I hadn't really thought that far in the business until they asked but was happy to make up the first year plan (3mth/6mth/9mth/year). This was Mr.D's 6 month session! I can hardly believe it! I asked mom to make of list of things that Mr.D likes to do right now so we can capture some true moments. I am so glad that she had some ideas and I think they turned out wonderfully!

She told me he loves to read with mommy and will sit for a long time while she reads to him. He is going to be so smart (not that he already isn't)!


He loves to play with daddy!


...and the gorgeous family! I'm so glad we're friends. I always look forward to our little chats and our sessions. You are such a blessing to me! :)


Mom had the awesome idea for Father's Day to "remake" dad's 6 month picture. I was so excited as I love a good challenge. Here it is (dad on left and mr.d on the right):


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