~I must apologize for being a terrible blogger lately. I have been busy and honestly just took a couple days off...

~I have hired a part-time assistant to do the little time-consuming stuff for me. I'll have to blog on just her sometime. She spent yesterday morning working for me and I just got to do housework and play Wii with the kids :)

~Yes, Scott went and got a Wii on Saturday. It's so hot I almost thought it was justified. We do have fun though and Jonah, of course, beats me at all the games.

~The party on Saturday was fun. It was great to get together with some of my very special friends. Thank you all for coming! Again, I'll try to get some pictures up later. Lots of people are on vacation right now so I'll probably have another party in the fall before the busy Christmas season!

~Vacation Bible School is this week so we have been out past 9:30 the last two nights. Pray for me as I have had 7 1-2 year olds in the nursery for 3 hours. The boys have had so much fun so far and are pretty worn out.

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