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Here's a little puppy we met at the playground the other day. We were having so much fun! I put him up on the playground and said, "Say cheese," and this is what I got. I'm now trying to convince Scott that we need one but it's not working. Also notice how th kids decorated the playground so nicely for the picture... thanks, my children!

You should have seen her... call me crazy but I think I'm gonna miss the little handprints and toys everywhere when they grow up. I once made a plaque for a friend that said, "Those aren't smudges, those are angelprints." She loved children and angels. I tend to agree with her.

*I did a Pilates tape this morning and filled a pitcher with water and put it in the fridge so I make sure to drink enough throughout the day. Just a little start but it feels like I did something. I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow, too :)

**I have a meeting this afternoon to get things set up for the 21st! (woohoo!)

***Now we're off to clean the bathroom.

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