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I've been wanting to do this for a while but haven't made the time. There is another photographer who has a Misc. Monday who kind of rambles on about life every Monday. I'm going to copy him but today is Tuesday as we had the day off yesterday :) I can't promise to do it every week but I usually have some randomness in me all the time.

~The long weekend was pretty relaxing. Scott worked a lot on his novel. Yes, he's writing a novel and it's really good (imho). We went to the park and grilled burgers and met some new neighbors. Someone usually brings their puppies by, which Trinity loves.

~I'm thinking about doing a detox . I was sick yesterday afternoon and feel like my body needs to detox. I am also a little concerned about my liver as I had a liver disorder during my pregnancies and want to keep it healthy. I found a Healthy Detox on marthastewart.com that I might try. It's pretty step-by-step and you don't ditch everything the first day.

~I would like to make my old blog into a blurb.com book. They make blogs into books and do other photo books that are pretty neat and affordable.

~What an eye-opener! Steven Curtis Chapman's 5-yr-old daughter, Maria, died in a terrible accident. Grab your tissues and go here to meet Maria, read the story, and leave a comment. There are already nearly 18,000 comments. He has touched so many lives and has helped nearly 17,000 families to adopt. I have just stopped to hug the kids more often this weekend. They probably think I'm a little loony.

~I was supposed to take pictures of a newborn yesterday but she was sick so we had to reschedule for later this week. I was really disappointed but it was a good thing since I ended up sick anyway. There are also a couple of my maternity moms due any second so this might be an interesting week :)

~I have joined a group forum called 8523mine.com. I look forward to getting to know some other photographers locally in Maricopa and learning from them. They put some pretty interesting pictures up and have been really helpful with some questions that I have had.

~Here's a picture of the boys with their favorite game and the shelf that Carlos from Maricopa Playhouses & More built for our living room. He did an excellent job and I wouldn't hesitate to call him if I had something else I needed done. Carlos (480)226-4529


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